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2018 - The unit will not be taking part in a week long summer camp this year, instead we will offer several weekend/overnight oppurtunities - including

Gilwell 24 - July 6th > 8th Seniors only

Midlands Water weeknd - Date TBC. Girls 13+ only



2019 - Both Guides & Senior Section will be attanding Charnwood International Jamboree. July 27th > 3rd August


2020 - Both Guides & Senior Section will be attanding

Peak International Camp. July 25th > 1st August







Previous camps include -

2003: 'Locko Park' county camp, Derbyshire

2004: Pax Ho Campsite, Derbyshire.

2005:' Peak 2005' International Camp, Chatsworth Park, Derbyshire.

2006: Beaudesert Scout Camp Staffordshire

2007: Glenbrook Guide Camp Derbyshire.

2008: "CTT" Activity camp, Hertfordshire.  

2009: "Malvern challenge" nr Cheltenham (girls 13yrs+)

2009: "Kent Internatioal Jamboree" Kent

2010: Midlands water weekend Trent Lock (girls 13yrs +)

2010: "Peak 2010" International Jamboree Derbyshire

2011: Midlands water weekend Trent Lock - (girls 13yrs +)

2011: 'Gilwell 24', nr London - (Seniors only)

2011: 'Charnwood 2011' International camp - Leicestershire

2012: 'Commonwealth camp weekend' Derbyshire - (for girls 13+ completing their Commonwealth award)

2012: 'Malvern Challenge' (Guides/Seniors upto 14yrs)- Gloucestershire.

2012: 'Sun Run' (Seniors 15yrs >) Gloucestershire

2013: Midlands water weekend Trent Lock (girls 13yrs +)

2013: "Kent International Jamboree" Kent.

2014: Midlands water weekend Trent Lock (girls 13yrs +)

2014: 'Chamboree 2014' - Cheshire .

2015: Midlands water weekend Trent Lock (girls 13yrs +)

2015: 'Peak 2015' - Derbyshire's International Jamboree

2016: -'Charnwood 2016' International Jamboree - Leicestershire


International Opportunities - In addition to our camps and trips in the UK, members of Seniors have also taken up the opportunity with GGUK to visit - Holland, Denmark, France , Africa and India

Just some of the activities that we have tried:

Abseiling, Back woods cooking, Street hockey, Canoeing, Archery, Climbing, Crafts, Hiking, Tag rugby, Pioneering, Rifles, Sailing, Circus skills, Swimming, Nature hike, Bell ringing, Orienteering, Raft building, Cycling, Crate stacking, Tree climbing, Coracles, Wide Games, Greasy pole, Pot holeing, Night line, Football, It’s a knockout!, Wood carving, Adventure course, Stage dance, Zip wire, Stilt walking, Well Dressing, Semaphore, Moon hopping, Disability awareness, Low Ropes, Obstacle course, Pyrography, Power kiting, Tug of War, Steel band, Zumba, Mountain biking, Judo, Wood turning, Boomerang, Marine/RAF tactics,  Water Aid, Kayaking, Wogglemaking, Glass engraving, Ultimate frisbee, High ropes, Scuba diving, Karting, Drama skills, Mountain boarding, Ice climbing, Powerboating, horse riding, Quad biking, Zorbing, Wheel chair basket ball, Slack lining, Segways and some of our girls have even been up in a light plane and tried micro-lighting! Pheww

What we have done - We have sat around many a campfire, sang far too many camp songs, been entertained by pop groups and bands; taken part in talent contests and sports competitions. Witnessed beautiful sunsets and the occasional shooting star. We’ve seen the most amazing firework displays and screamed until we are horse on the odd fair ground ride or two.

We've slept out under the stars, been up at the crack of dawn, gone to bed far too late; even survived over 24hrs without going to bed at all!  Eaten camp grub both fab and bad (some of us have even remember Shelia’s porridge!).

We have met people from all over the world, made lifelong friends; have paddled knee deep in mud, been wetter than wet, had to lather in sun lotion (it is sometimes hot!); there have been a few tears (but they were from the Leaders!) and loads and loads and loads of laughs.

But most important of all we’ve made memories that will simply last our lifetimes!!!!

Camp is simply GREAT.   

Camp Comments -

Just a selection of what our girls said about camp

"It was the best week of my life!"

"I didn't want to come home"

"Can you show my mum how to make spaghetti bolognaise please!"

"The activities were amazing"

"Marshmallows and hot chocolate before bed - yum"

"Thought I'd be home sick, but no way!"

"Oh, so thats how you use a potato peeler"

"Raft building........ the best activity ever"

"Favourite bit - activities; worst bit night loo duty- yuk!"

"Even the rain didn't dampen our spirits"

"Last night disco .... yey"

"Can you book now for next year? ....pretty please"

"So many people in one place, all out to have fun -just brilliant"

"I made just the best mates ever"

"I hate washing up - where's a dishwasher when you need one?"

"Count me in for next camp now"

"Gladiator game was brill - I knocked the stuffing out of a Scout - Wow"

"Slip n slide - I never laughed so much"

"I tried so many things I never thought I'd dare to"

"It's a knock-out, the most fun I've ever had"

"The rave's were awsome!!!!!!!!!"

"My friend said Guide camp would be boring she is  just sooooo wrong!"

"Micro lighting...can't believe I did it"

"Best bit  - arriving; worst bit - having to go home!!!!!!!!!!"