Rangers only

As a member of 1st Ashbourne Rangers girls will be invited to join our closed 'Facebook page'.

Girls only - please search for 1st Ashbourne Rangers and then click on request to join. You will then need to wait for your request to be accepted before you can access the group.

1st Ashbourne Ranger unit operates very much in the same way as  our Guide unit  - meeting weekly during term time, mainly on Mondays. Rangers is open to both girls who have been a member of our Guide unit, these simply automatically progress into Rangers at their 14th birthday, and also those who have not. These girls will need to join by visiting  www.girlguidinguk.org/joinus and request to join 1st Ashbourne Guides and Ranger unit

Our Ranger unit is very girl lead, with members playing a big part in choosing and planning many of their activities. Past events and activities include everything from body awareness and coping with stress nights, to caving, archery, movie night, onzie parties, evenings hike, theatre trips; outdoor cooking evenings, food themed nights; meals out and so much more.

Rangers also get the opportunity to go away with the unit, over the last couple of years they have taken part in several international Jamborees, weekend activity camps, water activity weekends, one night sleepovers and campouts.  

On top of the unit lead camps and residentials, Rangers have the opportunity to apply to represent Girlguiding on international camps and projects. In recent years we have had girls go to Aftrica, India, and all across Europe.

If you would like to find out more about our Ranger unit and how to join,  please give Sarah a call on 01335 330327 or email on sarahepollard123@btinternet.com

As our Ranger unit is run alongside our Guide unit, it maintains strong ties and members are sometimes invited to join with Guides for certain meetings and activities.

1st Ashbourne Rangers also has very strong links with both Ashbourne Falcon and Brailsford Explorer Scout units, joining them several times a term for joint meetings/activities. 

Ranger programme - See agenda page and our our 'facebook' group for up to date information on what we have planned.

 Non-academic qualifiacaions and awards -

Young Leader Qualification - If you are between 14 and 16 years old and currently volunteering as a Young Leader with another section, then the Young Leader Qualification is for you.

Commonwealth Award - This award is open to all members in the Commonwealth and has been designed to allow you to develop your knowledge of other Commonwealth countries.

Ranger Permits - Once you have gained your Ranger permit you can take fellow Rangers (maximum of eight) away for a sleepover.

Queen's Guide Award - All Ranger members over the age of 15 canwork towards their Queen's Guide Award. It is the highest award that you can achieve in Guiding.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award - This internationally recognised award comes in three stages: Bronze (for those aged 14 and over), Silver (for those aged 15 and over) and Gold (for those aged 16 and over)  At 1st Ashbourne Rangers we give all our members the opportunity to complete their DofE awards through the unit. Both Bronze and Silver  are facilitated at unit level and the Gold award  is facilitated at County level.

Our Expeditions tend to take place in June & September, and the county the annual award ceremony is usually in April.

If you would like to find out more about completeing your DofE awards through Girlguiding please give Sarah a call on 01335 330327 or email  guides.1stashbourne@outlook.com

Once a Guide reaches 14 years old there are a couple of options available to her. She can stay on in our unit and move up to become a member of our Ranger unit or register on the list to become a Young Leader with one of Guiding groups in our district (note places are limited). Either way the opportunities are immense, from international trips, volunteering, to improving your CV with non-academic qualifications and awards.